Workout from Home

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Top Recommended Equipment for Home Workouts

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Life gets busy. Not everyone has the time to workout in a fitness center multiple days per week, but this doesn’t mean you can’t see great results. Home workouts are a phenomenal way to get in shape on a busy schedule, or to supplement the workouts you’re doing in the gym. It’s also an area that we, at Eon Fitness, specialize in. While it’s possible to attain results with limited resources, having some reliable equipment on hand can vastly accelerate your progress. This is why we’ve listed some of the most convenient, useful, and cost-effective equipment on the market so that a busy schedule won’t impede your goals.

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The TRX is one of the absolute best pieces of equipment you can own if you are trying to get in shape. Period.

Most in-home workout programs suffer from the fact that it is very difficult to program many movements that pull the shoulders back which is essential for improving posture, burning calories, and taking care of long term shoulder health. While the TRX has thousands of exercises you can program into your routine, it is an invaluable item for the fact alone that you can do body rows in your home. The TRX Go simply hangs over any door in your home and secures once the door is shut; There is no real assembly required.

See it on Amazon here

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I must admit, I was skeptical of picking up adjustable dumbbells after years of using only free weights in the gym, but after doing much research and taking the plunge, I am so glad that I went with Power Blocks instead of any of their competitors.

Not only are these dumbbells compact, taking up very little space, but their shape and balance also feels phenomenal on my joints, particularly on my shoulders. At a fraction of the cost of what it would take to own this many dumbbells, I very strongly recommend these if you are looking to pick up free weights for the home.

See it on Amazon here

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You can’t get more bang for your buck than by using resistance bands. Not only are they extremely versatile, allowing for many of the movements that free weights enable you to do, but they are extremely portable and easily stored so that they take up virtually no space in your home.

What I like most about this particular set is that each of the bands are labeled by how much weight they translate to in lbs. (which is critical for tracking progression as you get stronger.) Not only that, but these bands link to a handle using a carabiner which give you multiple options of combining the loads without having to grip an absurd number of handles.

See them on Amazon here

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If you’ve worked with us before, you already know the tremendous benefits of glute training as it relates to building a strong backside which not only serve aesthetics, but also tremendously help prevent and remedy painful hip impingements caused by anterior pelvic tilt. For more information on training the glutes, check out our blogpost here.

Whether you use a bar in the home or a barbell in the gym, you will likely benefit from this squat sponge, which effectively cushions the compression of any weight load especially as you get stronger and add more and more weight to your glute bridges.

See it on Amazon here

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There are dozens of weight benches to choose from that vary in all types of cost and quality. When we were researching a weight bench to use in our home gym we needed it to fit the criteria of low cost, adjustable settings, & good quality.

The Steelbody Bench Press met all three of these criteria at about half the cost of what you might find from most fitness retailers.

See it on Amazon here



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Core strength is critical to pretty much everything that we do, from our sitting posture, to running mechanics, and even our ability to squat with proper form.

The ab wheel is an excellent piece of equipment because not many exercises allow us to focus on the strengthening of the midsection as the muscles elongate, which is a key factor in building strength.

The ab wheel is an excellent, low cost piece of equipment to have in the home. We frequently use this exercise in many of our fitness programs, and there are modifications that can be implemented for beginners and advanced exercisers alike.

See it on Amazon here

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