Intro & Welcome

Back when I was in high school, I embarked on the beginning of my fitness journey. I was lucky enough to have received a gym membership from my parents to a great gym in a small town in Florida where I grew up. From attending group fitness classes to using different pieces of cardio equipment to weightlifting, I did it all.

In college, I began to take more of an interest in weightlifting and began watching and reading dozens of articles and videos, spending hours on YouTube researching exercises, and learning to eat healthier. I majored in Food Science and Human Nutrition with a specialization in Dietetics in the hopes of one day becoming a registered dietitian.

My fitness journey has had its bumps in the road however – learning I had SI joint dysfunction, undiagnosed issues with my right shoulder, and binge eating disorder for 3 years caused many set backs. Not to mention, after getting into my second semester of grad school for Public Health Nutrition, I found out my mother had stage 4 brain cancer (glioblastoma). These setbacks however, were not barriers. They were simply setbacks. At least that’s what I like to call them. Of all things I have learned, your mindset is the most powerful weapon you possess.

Looking back on my fitness journey, I wish I would have had someone more knowledgeable about health and fitness who could have coached and mentored me in the beginning. Their expertise might have helped me to circumvent many of my injuries and disordered eating patterns I’ve endured along the way. Maybe not, who knows. My point is, I have created this blog in an effort to help guide you on a fitness journey, the smart way. I can only hope the information and perspective you receive here can help you make smarter decisions than I might have made at the beginning of my fitness journey. After all, who wants to continue doing things that serve us the wrong way?

Stay tuned this month for articles about corrective exercise, nutrition, intuitive eating, glute building, and more. This is only the beginning – so come aboard, and we will navigate the world of health and fitness together.


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